Winter is Coming…

by Olivia Smoody on October 17, 2016

It would appear that winter is coming.  The warm caress of sun on my face has been slapped away by the wet sting of fall delivered annually this time of year in the PNW.  The crowds of people flocking to our trails seem to have been washed away by the rain but I’m still receiving phone calls asking about the trails.  So here we go.  It’s wet right now…really wet…like crawl into your hot tub and crack a beer or hot chocolate or whatever you drink because you don’t want to be out on your bike right now kind of wet.  We are hoping this storm will pass and things will dry out a bit for the die hard mountain bikers but we are starting to eyeball the skis and snowshoes in the loft too.  Keep your eyes on the weather and check in with us once we can put away the snorkels.

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