Why Is It So…White Out?

by Olivia Smoody on January 7, 2017

We’ve got a different kind of trail report for you today folks!  I know in the past few years the winters have left a little to be desired when it comes to that white fluffy stuff but today…today feels different.  Today I feel a little closer to my home in the north.  If you’ve been waiting to get your snopark pass, wait no longer!  Salt Creek Falls, Waldo Lake, Gold Lake or Willamette Pass!  Grab a sled, skis, snowshoes or a garbage bag (basically anything that slides!) and head for the hills because it’s snowing in Oakridge and as my lawyer* advised me early today, now is the time to get outside and play!

*disclaimer:  Steve is not actually a lawyer but he still lays down the law.


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