Trail Conditions 3.31.16

by Olivia Smoody on March 31, 2016

It’s that time of the year again.  The phone calls are rolling in from people wanting to ride and asking for updates on the trails.  So short and sweet, here we go.

Some of this information is from me and some is from other people reporting back to me.

Larison Rock- Reports are that it should be good.  Might be a bit muddy at the bottom.

Larison Creek- A couple of different reports in on this one.  Five trees down.  Report two says one large tree down in the first 3.25 miles and a bit of mud.  After this point there is must less mud but numerous downed large trees, occasional debris and sections with 3′ brush obscuring the trail.

Middle Fork-Per Bruce, they have cleared from Swift Creek (about two miles above Sacandaga) down to Sand Prairie.  I had reports there were some flooded areas earlier in the season…so be prepared for some wet spots.

Dead Mountain-cleared of downed trees, should be okay to ride.

North Salmon Creek-  still washed out in a few areas, but locals have cleared the first two miles.

South Salmon Creek- 24 trees down, four root wads have left holes in the trail.  Skip it until further notice.

Alpine (atca)-Alpine from Windy down has been cleared of trees and worked on.  Tire Mtn has a few small trees down and Cloverpatch has about eight small trees down.  Still good to ride even with downed trees.  There is still too much snow above Windy to hit the upper part of Alpine.

North Fork Trail-clear and good to ride

Heckletooth- Clear from the Burn down and according to Jim D. it’s riding pretty sweet.  The trail has not been cleared from the Burn back up to the road.

Aubrey Mtn- A few trees down and debris on trail but it is otherwise good.

Hardesty and Eula and let us assume Goodman Creek-  I did a little run on Hardesty and Eula last week.  Bottom 2 miles of both are trash (mud bath city) I suspect the beginning of Goodman is going to be really muddy too.  There was snow at the interchange from Hardesty to Eula.  And not that anyone rides the South Willamette trail…but it’s muddy too.  I’d say stay off of them until they dry up.  Top 1.3 miles of Hardesty from Eula turn off down has about six trees down.  Otherwise, Eula and the rest of Hardesty has been cleared.

Lawler- Snow at the top.  No go.

Winberry Divide and ETC have had some clearing done.  Might have had more blow down since that work was done.

Youngs Rock- Every tree in the world is down on that trail.  Closed.

This is all I know at this point.  Like I said…some of this information is what I’ve seen, some is what others have said and some is just common sense.

If you’re riding in the area, feel free to stop at the shop and let us know what you see out there.


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