Service and Repairs

We offer full service bicycle service and repair.  We specialize in servicing modern mountain bikes.  We also enjoy working on old clunkers, commuters, BMX/freestyle, cruisers, unicycles, tandems, and road bikes.  We pretty much love tooling around with anything that has pedals and wheels.  Generally, we have same day turnaround on services like brake bleeds and derailleur adjustments.  We occasionally restore vintage bikes and take on special projects.  We also work on other sports equipment.  No job to big or too small.

Willamette Mountain Mercantile Bicycle Service Menu:

*prices are for labour only, does not include parts


General Service

Tune Up: $50

Minor cleaning, brakes adjusted, deraileurs adjusted, all bearings adjusted, all bolts checked for proper torque, tires inflated to proper pressure, ergonomic adjustments as requested.  Includes labour to install cables and housing, and other accessories you have purchased in our store.

Complete Overhaul Mechanical Brakes: $120

Everything in a Tune Up plus: thorough cleaning, hubs cleaned and greased, bottom bracket cleaned and greased, headset cleaned and greased.  We recommend replacing all cables and housing at the time of a complete overhaul. ($25)

Complete Overhaul Hydraulic Brakes: $150

The same as a Complete Overhaul with the addition of bleeding both brakes.

Complete Overhaul plus suspension service: $200

Add suspension service to a hydraulic brake complete overhaul.  Includes replacement of seals and dust wipers in front and rear suspension and cleaning of all suspension linkage pieces.



Brake Adjustments: $5-15 per brake

Brake pads or caliper are adjusted to allow for proper clearance between pad and rotor or rim.

Brake Pad Installation: $10-15 per brake

Disc Rotor Straightening: $5-15 per brake

Brake Bleed: $20-30 per brake

Hydraulic fluid is flushed and replaced with fresh fluid and remove air from the brake system.

Brake Hose Replacement: $35 per brake

The old hose is removed, new hose installed, and the brake system is bled.

Crank and Bottom Bracket

Install Bottom Bracket: $20

Old parts are removed, frame is cleaned, new parts are lubricated and installed.

Overhaul Bottom Bracket: $20

Cranks, bottom bracket and bearings are removed, cleaned and re-installed.


Deraileur Adjustments: $5-15 per deraileur

Cable tension is adjusted, limit screws are adjusted, and the deraileur is checked for proper alignment.

Deraileur Hanger Straightening or replacement installation: $20

The deraileur hanger is straightened using the deraileur alignment guide.  This includes rear deraileur adjustment.

Deraileur Cable installation: $15-25 per cable

Installation of new cable and housing, includes adjustment.

Fork and Headset

Fork Installation: $20-30

Installation includes removal of old fork, changing over bearing race, cutting steerer tube, installation and adjustment of front brake.

Headset Adjustment: $5

Headset bearings are properly adjusted.

Headset Installation: $20-30

The old cups and bearings races are removed, the frame is cleaned, new parts are installed.

Headset Overhaul: $20-30

Bearings are removed, cleaned, lubricated, re-installation, and final adjustment is performed.


Fork Seal Replacement: $50

Old seals are removed, fork stanctions and inner legs are cleaned, new seals are installed and air pressure is checked for proper adjustment for rider weight.

Rear Shock Seal Replacement: $50

Old seals are removed, shock internals are cleaned, new seals are installed, and the shock is inflated to the proper pressure for the rider’s weight.

DU Bushing Replacement: $20 one bushing, $30 both

The shock is removed from the frame, the old bushings are pressed out, new bushings are pressed in, and the shock is re-installed.

Suspension linkage Bearing Replacement or Service:

Cost depends on time required. We charge our hourly rate of $35 per hour.



Tube Installation: $5 (new tubes run $5-15)

Tubeless Tire Installation: $10-15 per wheel

Includes installation of tubeless rim strip, valve stem, and sealant.

Wheel Truing: $10-20 per wheel

Spoke Replacement (tube type): $15-30 per wheel

Includes removal and re-installation of brake rotor, tire, rim strip, and installation of necessary spokes.

Spoke Replacement (tubeless): $30-50

Includes removal and re-installation of brake rotor, tire, rim strip, and installation of necessary spokes.

Hub Overhaul: $20-40

Old bearings are removed, thoroughly cleaned, the hub body is cleaned and new bearings and lubricant are installed.

Cassette Replacement: $10 (free with purchase of new cassette)

Includes removal of old cassette and installation of new.

Disc Rotor Replacement: $10 (free with purchase of new rotor)

Wheel Build:

Cost depends on time required.