Oakridge is Awesome, shuttles are cool too.

by Shop Employee on May 14, 2016

Finally, the shuttles are running!  Oregon Adventures and Cog Wild are both running daily shuttles. Oregon Adventures runs to Alpine Trail daily at 10 am, Cog Wild runs to Dead Mountain and Larison Rock at 10. Cog Wild runs a “wild card shuttle” going to the “best of” location depending on interest and weather at 1 pm. Cog Wild meets riders here at our shop, Oregon Adventures meets at their location about 1/4 mile to the west from us at their “red barn”.

Most trails are riding “best ever”. Enough rain to make it tacky and brown, but not so much as to make them too wet to ride. However it rained heavily near Hardesty, Eula and Lawler, probably better to ride farther to the east, think Heckletooth, Larison, Dead Mountain. Not so sure how Alpine Trail fared, but it’s safe to say it will be stellar when the sun comes out again. The snowline is still hovering around 5000′, so the Waldo area Timpanogas, and other high Cascade trails are still buried for now. That means Diamond Peak is still skiing well!

Did you know we have some sick bikes here to demo?  Check out a new Ibis Ripley, HD3, Santa Cruz Nomad, 5010c, Heckler or Raliegh Kodiak when you’re in the area.

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