May Trail Report

by Shop Employee on May 2, 2017

May Trail Report

Alpine-Windy Pass Down-Two big patches of snow at the top. Two big trees from from Buckhead down.

Tire and Cloverpatch-Free of snow, some trees down but not enough to ruin your ride!

Lawler-Snow at the top, peanut butter-ish mud at the bottom.

Hardesty-Peanut butter mud at the bottom but trees have been cut out.

Eula-Trees have been cut out.  Not crazy muddy.

Larison Rock-Tree Free but muddy at the bottom.

Larison Creek-Avoid the loop, large pretty much impassable trees at top.  Out and back is good with a few trees down.

Heckletooth-Has been cut out (very small tree down at the bottom almost at the gate).  Was very muddy at the bottom when I was there.  Some very large post holes at the bottom of the trail to be aware of.


Middle Fork-Has been cut out up to Sacandaga.  Last report of snow line was Chuckle Springs.

North Fork-Great up until the 1910.

South Salmon-I believe there are a few trees down.

Dead Mountain (Flat Creek)- Still closed for logging.



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