February Trail Report

by Olivia Smoody on February 14, 2017

Hello my lovelies!  So here is what I know about the trails so far this spring.  Please keep in mind I haven’t been on any of them but Larison Rock so most of this is second hand information that is changing daily as the snow continues to melt out and more volunteers dust the trails with their love and elbow grease like flying unicorns coating the forest in magic (yes, I just used a flying unicorn analogy..and it was magical).

So, a few other things to keep in mind, it’s spring…ish, so yes, trails are muddy and yes you should stay off some of them but I know you’re not going to so please use your better judgement and stay off trails that are notoriously muddy this year like Eagle Creek, Hardesty, Eula etc.   It might be best to avoid getting together with 12 of your closest friends on a rainy weekend to do laps on a trail that can’t handle it.  Maybe take the time to clean up the trail a bit when your out there, clear off debris etc.

If you are a bit more stoked on giving back there will be a work party on February 18th…that’s a Saturday.  It’s an attempt to wrap up the Lawler Extension

” Meet at the usual spot on Patterson Mountain Road at the first intersection which leads to Duval Creek. After trailwork we’ll have ourselves a late lunch with food provided by Tacovore. We’ll likely have some beer too. Hope to see you there!

IMPORTANT: Please wear appropriate clothing on trail work days to include a hard hat,* long sleeve shirt, pants, gloves, sturdy boots and eye protection.

*DOD has hard hats to loan out and we’ll arm you with a tool from our tool trailer if you don’t have your own“

There are trees down on pretty much all the trails so ride with the expectation that you might come around the corner and find a big old tree in your way.

So, updates, here we go.

Larison Rock:  2.5 trees down (should be by 1.5 tomorrow).  Muddy at the bottom.  So rock and tree debris.

Larison Creek:  Probably trees down, some snow was the last report but probably more rideable now.

Middle Fork:  Lower section only, snow on upper trails.  The report was Butcherknife was as far as you could get but I’m guessing can get closer to the base of Youngs Rock/Moon Point trail.

Youngs Rock/Moon Point:  Haha.  Funny.

Alpine:  Probably getting closer to being able to get up to Windy Pass but I’m going to say Buckhead Shelter is realistic.  Also, this trail takes a beating, best to pick another trail and let it firm up for summer.

North Fork Trail: One of the better one’s for spring riding.  Probably trees down.

Heckletooth:  Jim D says it’s “rideable” from the burn down.  This does not mean it’s free of downed trees, debris and snow…it just means Jim was able to ride it.

Aubrey: Sounds like it’s good.

South Salmon:  Trees down, some wet areas but otherwise good.

Dead Mountain/Flat Creek:  Still closed for helicopter logging.

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