Trail Conditions

May 7th Trail Conditions Update

by Olivia Smoody on May 7, 2016

Just had a little feedback come in regarding the Hardesty/Goodman Creek area.  The trail is clear from the Mt. June section of Sawtooth Rock Trail to Hardesty Mountain.  The bottom of Hardesty is still slick and Goodman Creek Trail is really muddy.

Eula is also muddy at the bottom, but otherwise in good condition.

Dead Mountain is still riding really well top to bottom!  Git it!

<3 Olivia


May 5th Trail Conditions Update

by Shop Employee on May 5, 2016


A few things to add to my last report from the end of March.

Moon Point/Youngs Rock:  All the downed trees have been cut out.  Good to go.

Hardesty/Eula and Lawler:  All three are officially cleared of downed trees.  Not sure how dry the bottom of Hardesty and Eula are, probably good on days it’s not raining.

Heckletooth:  Trees cleared from Robs Cut In down. Good to go!

Alpine update:  Snow levels have been fluctuating over the past month but Derrick reported he was able to reach Kate’s Cut In the other day.  The trees have not been cleared from Windy Pass up but it sounds like it isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t mind lifting your bike up. 😉

See the March report for any trails not mentioned here.

For those of you who have been asking about the Waldo Lake Road.  There is still plenty of snow on it.


Trail Conditions 3.31.16

by Olivia Smoody on March 31, 2016

It’s that time of the year again.  The phone calls are rolling in from people wanting to ride and asking for updates on the trails.  So short and sweet, here we go.

Some of this information is from me and some is from other people reporting back to me.

Larison Rock- Reports are that it should be good.  Might be a bit muddy at the bottom.

Larison Creek- A couple of different reports in on this one.  Five trees down.  Report two says one large tree down in the first 3.25 miles and a bit of mud.  After this point there is must less mud but numerous downed large trees, occasional debris and sections with 3′ brush obscuring the trail.

Middle Fork-Per Bruce, they have cleared from Swift Creek (about two miles above Sacandaga) down to Sand Prairie.  I had reports there were some flooded areas earlier in the season…so be prepared for some wet spots.

Dead Mountain-cleared of downed trees, should be okay to ride.

North Salmon Creek-  still washed out in a few areas, but locals have cleared the first two miles.

South Salmon Creek- 24 trees down, four root wads have left holes in the trail.  Skip it until further notice.

Alpine (atca)-Alpine from Windy down has been cleared of trees and worked on.  Tire Mtn has a few small trees down and Cloverpatch has about eight small trees down.  Still good to ride even with downed trees.  There is still too much snow above Windy to hit the upper part of Alpine.

North Fork Trail-clear and good to ride

Heckletooth- Clear from the Burn down and according to Jim D. it’s riding pretty sweet.  The trail has not been cleared from the Burn back up to the road.

Aubrey Mtn- A few trees down and debris on trail but it is otherwise good.

Hardesty and Eula and let us assume Goodman Creek-  I did a little run on Hardesty and Eula last week.  Bottom 2 miles of both are trash (mud bath city) I suspect the beginning of Goodman is going to be really muddy too.  There was snow at the interchange from Hardesty to Eula.  And not that anyone rides the South Willamette trail…but it’s muddy too.  I’d say stay off of them until they dry up.  Top 1.3 miles of Hardesty from Eula turn off down has about six trees down.  Otherwise, Eula and the rest of Hardesty has been cleared.

Lawler- Snow at the top.  No go.

Winberry Divide and ETC have had some clearing done.  Might have had more blow down since that work was done.

Youngs Rock- Every tree in the world is down on that trail.  Closed.

This is all I know at this point.  Like I said…some of this information is what I’ve seen, some is what others have said and some is just common sense.

If you’re riding in the area, feel free to stop at the shop and let us know what you see out there.



Waldo Lake

by Olivia Smoody on July 23, 2015

For anyone looking to ride around Waldo Lake you have a green light.  The Forest Service cleared the 242 trees that came down over the winter and the bug level is very low.



Is This Really February???

by Olivia Smoody on February 17, 2015

Today is February 16th and it feels like June.  The weather has been amazing and it doesn’t look like it has any intention letting up on the shower of sunshine.  While this is bad news for those skiing and snowshoeing enthusiasts among us, it is great news for anyone who doesn’t want to put their bike away at any point in the year.

Trails are in great shape and snow levels are very high, if you want to ski you will need to climb up Diamond Peak and you will need to do that soon.  Alpine can be ridden in its entirety with zero threat of snow.  I have reports of trees down on several of the trails which is common this time of year, most notably are Alpine and Heckletooth, trees are cleared on an ongoing basis.  Dead Mountain is riding very well with minimal foliage littering the trail.  So call in sick and come ride with us!

(Disclaimer:  The suggestion to call in sick was a sarcastic one, the shop should not be held responsible for anyone actually calling in sick just to ride in Oakridge…but we couldn’t really blame anyone either)

Remember…if it’s not broke…go ride it…and if it is, bring it to us so we can fix it!




by Olivia Smoody on December 25, 2014

On the Island of Oahu there is a beach in Waianae at the end of dirt road.  It is very secluded and not frequented by tourists, it provides a romantic setting to woo young ladies.  Somewhere along the line this little beach acquired the name “Pray for Sex” beach…spray painted on a rock…the name stuck.  Today…I feel like Willamette Pass should be dubbed “Pray for Snow” ski hill as I feel many locals are looking up the hill with lust in their eyes and desire in their hearts.

The trails are saturated, littered with branches and with the wind this morning there will probably be more trees down, parts of South Salmon Creek Trail are underwater and I suspect the washout in the North side is not fairing well either.  Let hope the snow is on the way and our attention can be turned to snowshoe and ski trails for the foreseeable future.

(photo’s by Olivia: O’dell Lake and Waldo Lake)

397431_10151198505720846_1287587684_n 602893_10151177667790846_392031117_n



List of Trails with Known Trees Down

by Olivia Smoody on December 18, 2014

Conditions in general are damp and cool.  We are starting to see trails getting a bit soft depending on the trail location and location on the trail.  Mostly low spots and trail edges.  As always, use common sense and courtesy.

Flat Creek aka Dead Mountain:  One tree down right before the clearing.  As with every year, avoid the very bottom section after heavy rain until the drainage gets an overhaul.

Larison Rock:  One tree down right after the burn section. As with every year, lower section is very soft.

Heckletooth:  Report of three trees down before heading into the burn section.

South Salmon Creek:  Three trees down on the east switchbacks.

Alpine:  Report of three trees down on upper Alpine as well as some snow in the meadow.

Westfir Tie Trail:  Report of Rotten snag down about half way.



Photos courtesy of Jake Sawyer 12.13.14:  Alpine (sourgrass meadow)

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Heckletooth 12.13.14

by Olivia Smoody on December 13, 2014

It’s insanely sunny and beautiful today in the Ridge!  Jim just stopped by after riding Heckletooth with reports of trees down.  Keep your speed low before entering the burn area as he reported one tree down there as well as two more about 16″ in diameter as you begin climbing up to the first viewpoint in the burn section.  The last tree is just before the cutoff to FS road 207 and is about 2 feet in diameter.  He was able to clear most of the large branches as well as a few smaller fallen trees so a big thank you goes out to Mr. Jim 🙂

For the snow lovers out there I’m adding a photo of what it looks like at about 5500 ft.  Thanks goes out to Eli Czerny for his excellent reporting from the “snow”.  Thanks for the photo Eli.



December 12th…snow? That’s a no.

by Olivia Smoody on December 13, 2014

With most people switching gears to skiing and snowshoeing the Oakridge Trails are seeing very little action.  So why chase the snow when the trails are right here and riding well?  Slap a rain jacket in your pack and load up the bike!  Weather report for tomorrow looks sunny with a chance of riding Alpine! Reports of high winds appear to have yielded very little damage but keep an eye open for small branches which might be littering the trails today.  Very little rain in the past few days has left the trails in great condition.  We can thank our awesome trail building crew for paying attention to drainage and keeping us on our bikes for so long.  I will try to keep everyone apprised of trails to avoid after heavy rains as well as any blockages.

Thanks for checking in!!!


Update for Flat Creek aka Dead Mountain Trail:  Two of the three downed trees have been cleared.


Larison Rock and Flat Creek

by Olivia Smoody on December 6, 2014

I had the day off yesterday and decided to ride Larison Rock and Flat Creek (aka the lower half of the NEW Dead Mountain Trail opening in June).  Both trails are a wee bit wet but not too soft so just use general caution and respect.  Larison Rock is very soft where The GOATS worked last month to put in crib wall and smooth out a corner where the fire crossed the trail this summer.  Almost right after the new crib wall corner there is a tree down, beyond this it’s smooth sailing.  If you’re riding up Flat Creek there are three trees down just after the open section of the trail so approach the open section with caution when descending.

Just a reminder, GOATS will be out in full force to work on Larison Rock Trail tomorrow so bring your gloves and boots and join them at the trailhead at 9:30 am.