Trail Conditions

February Trail Report

by Olivia Smoody on February 14, 2017

Hello my lovelies!  So here is what I know about the trails so far this spring.  Please keep in mind I haven’t been on any of them but Larison Rock so most of this is second hand information that is changing daily as the snow continues to melt out and more volunteers dust the trails with their love and elbow grease like flying unicorns coating the forest in magic (yes, I just used a flying unicorn analogy..and it was magical).

So, a few other things to keep in mind, it’s spring…ish, so yes, trails are muddy and yes you should stay off some of them but I know you’re not going to so please use your better judgement and stay off trails that are notoriously muddy this year like Eagle Creek, Hardesty, Eula etc.   It might be best to avoid getting together with 12 of your closest friends on a rainy weekend to do laps on a trail that can’t handle it.  Maybe take the time to clean up the trail a bit when your out there, clear off debris etc.

If you are a bit more stoked on giving back there will be a work party on February 18th…that’s a Saturday.  It’s an attempt to wrap up the Lawler Extension

” Meet at the usual spot on Patterson Mountain Road at the first intersection which leads to Duval Creek. After trailwork we’ll have ourselves a late lunch with food provided by Tacovore. We’ll likely have some beer too. Hope to see you there!

IMPORTANT: Please wear appropriate clothing on trail work days to include a hard hat,* long sleeve shirt, pants, gloves, sturdy boots and eye protection.

*DOD has hard hats to loan out and we’ll arm you with a tool from our tool trailer if you don’t have your own“

There are trees down on pretty much all the trails so ride with the expectation that you might come around the corner and find a big old tree in your way.

So, updates, here we go.

Larison Rock:  2.5 trees down (should be by 1.5 tomorrow).  Muddy at the bottom.  So rock and tree debris.

Larison Creek:  Probably trees down, some snow was the last report but probably more rideable now.

Middle Fork:  Lower section only, snow on upper trails.  The report was Butcherknife was as far as you could get but I’m guessing can get closer to the base of Youngs Rock/Moon Point trail.

Youngs Rock/Moon Point:  Haha.  Funny.

Alpine:  Probably getting closer to being able to get up to Windy Pass but I’m going to say Buckhead Shelter is realistic.  Also, this trail takes a beating, best to pick another trail and let it firm up for summer.

North Fork Trail: One of the better one’s for spring riding.  Probably trees down.

Heckletooth:  Jim D says it’s “rideable” from the burn down.  This does not mean it’s free of downed trees, debris and snow…it just means Jim was able to ride it.

Aubrey: Sounds like it’s good.

South Salmon:  Trees down, some wet areas but otherwise good.

Dead Mountain/Flat Creek:  Still closed for helicopter logging.

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Why Is It So…White Out?

by Olivia Smoody on January 7, 2017

We’ve got a different kind of trail report for you today folks!  I know in the past few years the winters have left a little to be desired when it comes to that white fluffy stuff but today…today feels different.  Today I feel a little closer to my home in the north.  If you’ve been waiting to get your snopark pass, wait no longer!  Salt Creek Falls, Waldo Lake, Gold Lake or Willamette Pass!  Grab a sled, skis, snowshoes or a garbage bag (basically anything that slides!) and head for the hills because it’s snowing in Oakridge and as my lawyer* advised me early today, now is the time to get outside and play!

*disclaimer:  Steve is not actually a lawyer but he still lays down the law.



Winter is Coming…

by Olivia Smoody on October 17, 2016

It would appear that winter is coming.  The warm caress of sun on my face has been slapped away by the wet sting of fall delivered annually this time of year in the PNW.  The crowds of people flocking to our trails seem to have been washed away by the rain but I’m still receiving phone calls asking about the trails.  So here we go.  It’s wet right now…really wet…like crawl into your hot tub and crack a beer or hot chocolate or whatever you drink because you don’t want to be out on your bike right now kind of wet.  We are hoping this storm will pass and things will dry out a bit for the die hard mountain bikers but we are starting to eyeball the skis and snowshoes in the loft too.  Keep your eyes on the weather and check in with us once we can put away the snorkels.


Rain in July!

by Shop Employee on July 10, 2016

After a two weeks of dry summer weather the Oregon rains have returned bringing refreshing moisture to the Oakridge trails.

Alpine Trail, Hardesty, Goodman, Eula and Hardesty have received lots of rain and are currently closed to commercial use by the Forest Service, so please be considerate and stay off of these trails for a few days until this system moves out and the trails dry up a bit.

Larison Creek, and the Middle Fork of the Willamette are the best trails to ride when it is very wet. In the coming days as the trails begin to dry out Heckletooth trail, Larison Rock trail and Dead Mountain will be riding very well.

All Cog Wild shuttles are cancelled for the day due to the wet conditions.

See you on the trails!



Renovations on Salmon Creek in progress

by McKenzie on May 25, 2016

Much needed repairs are in progress on North Salmon Creek Trail.  This trail is also know as the Warrior Fitness Trail.  Flooding over the last several winters have taken a toll on the Warrior trail.  Parts of the trail have been closed from full scale washouts.

The Warrior trail is an important asset to the community, as it is close to town and usable by all ability levels.  It is also a popular way to access fishing and swimming holes.

Thanks to coordination between the Forest Service, G.O.A.T.S, and lots of volunteers the trail is being rehabilitated.  Some sections are being rerouted to avoid the flood way.  The result will be a more sustainable trail that is also very fun.  Trail layout has great flow and will ride well on a bike!



Oakridge has been replenished with nice cool spring showers and mixed sun the past couple of weeks. The weather brought a lot of moisture to Alpine Trail, Hardesty, Goodman Creek, Eula and other trails to our west, making them a bit too wet to ride at the moment. To the east Heckletooth and Dead Mountain also received significant rainfall but are riding well due to their excellent drainage and southern aspects. I rode Dead Mountain today and found it to be a bit greasy, but there was no deep mud or significant puddling, and found it to be very tasty.

Larison Rock and the Middle Fork of the Willamette are also riding well with wet soil, but little mud or standing water.

Youngs Rock is now clear of trees thanks to the USFS, Derrick, and other volunteers. Thanks!  I bet it is riding good too.

The Diamond Park pump and jump track is also riding well after recent work parties to mowed the grass and reshaped some of the bumps and jumps.

North Salmon Creek also received a lot of help from the USFS and volunteers over the weekend. More details to come there.



Oakridge is Awesome, shuttles are cool too.

by Shop Employee on May 14, 2016

Finally, the shuttles are running!  Oregon Adventures and Cog Wild are both running daily shuttles. Oregon Adventures runs to Alpine Trail daily at 10 am, Cog Wild runs to Dead Mountain and Larison Rock at 10. Cog Wild runs a “wild card shuttle” going to the “best of” location depending on interest and weather at 1 pm. Cog Wild meets riders here at our shop, Oregon Adventures meets at their location about 1/4 mile to the west from us at their “red barn”.

Most trails are riding “best ever”. Enough rain to make it tacky and brown, but not so much as to make them too wet to ride. However it rained heavily near Hardesty, Eula and Lawler, probably better to ride farther to the east, think Heckletooth, Larison, Dead Mountain. Not so sure how Alpine Trail fared, but it’s safe to say it will be stellar when the sun comes out again. The snowline is still hovering around 5000′, so the Waldo area Timpanogas, and other high Cascade trails are still buried for now. That means Diamond Peak is still skiing well!

Did you know we have some sick bikes here to demo?  Check out a new Ibis Ripley, HD3, Santa Cruz Nomad, 5010c, Heckler or Raliegh Kodiak when you’re in the area.


May 7th Trail Conditions Update

by Olivia Smoody on May 7, 2016

Just had a little feedback come in regarding the Hardesty/Goodman Creek area.  The trail is clear from the Mt. June section of Sawtooth Rock Trail to Hardesty Mountain.  The bottom of Hardesty is still slick and Goodman Creek Trail is really muddy.

Eula is also muddy at the bottom, but otherwise in good condition.

Dead Mountain is still riding really well top to bottom!  Git it!

<3 Olivia


May 5th Trail Conditions Update

by Shop Employee on May 5, 2016


A few things to add to my last report from the end of March.

Moon Point/Youngs Rock:  All the downed trees have been cut out.  Good to go.

Hardesty/Eula and Lawler:  All three are officially cleared of downed trees.  Not sure how dry the bottom of Hardesty and Eula are, probably good on days it’s not raining.

Heckletooth:  Trees cleared from Robs Cut In down. Good to go!

Alpine update:  Snow levels have been fluctuating over the past month but Derrick reported he was able to reach Kate’s Cut In the other day.  The trees have not been cleared from Windy Pass up but it sounds like it isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t mind lifting your bike up. 😉

See the March report for any trails not mentioned here.

For those of you who have been asking about the Waldo Lake Road.  There is still plenty of snow on it.


Trail Conditions 3.31.16

by Olivia Smoody on March 31, 2016

It’s that time of the year again.  The phone calls are rolling in from people wanting to ride and asking for updates on the trails.  So short and sweet, here we go.

Some of this information is from me and some is from other people reporting back to me.

Larison Rock- Reports are that it should be good.  Might be a bit muddy at the bottom.

Larison Creek- A couple of different reports in on this one.  Five trees down.  Report two says one large tree down in the first 3.25 miles and a bit of mud.  After this point there is must less mud but numerous downed large trees, occasional debris and sections with 3′ brush obscuring the trail.

Middle Fork-Per Bruce, they have cleared from Swift Creek (about two miles above Sacandaga) down to Sand Prairie.  I had reports there were some flooded areas earlier in the season…so be prepared for some wet spots.

Dead Mountain-cleared of downed trees, should be okay to ride.

North Salmon Creek-  still washed out in a few areas, but locals have cleared the first two miles.

South Salmon Creek- 24 trees down, four root wads have left holes in the trail.  Skip it until further notice.

Alpine (atca)-Alpine from Windy down has been cleared of trees and worked on.  Tire Mtn has a few small trees down and Cloverpatch has about eight small trees down.  Still good to ride even with downed trees.  There is still too much snow above Windy to hit the upper part of Alpine.

North Fork Trail-clear and good to ride

Heckletooth- Clear from the Burn down and according to Jim D. it’s riding pretty sweet.  The trail has not been cleared from the Burn back up to the road.

Aubrey Mtn- A few trees down and debris on trail but it is otherwise good.

Hardesty and Eula and let us assume Goodman Creek-  I did a little run on Hardesty and Eula last week.  Bottom 2 miles of both are trash (mud bath city) I suspect the beginning of Goodman is going to be really muddy too.  There was snow at the interchange from Hardesty to Eula.  And not that anyone rides the South Willamette trail…but it’s muddy too.  I’d say stay off of them until they dry up.  Top 1.3 miles of Hardesty from Eula turn off down has about six trees down.  Otherwise, Eula and the rest of Hardesty has been cleared.

Lawler- Snow at the top.  No go.

Winberry Divide and ETC have had some clearing done.  Might have had more blow down since that work was done.

Youngs Rock- Every tree in the world is down on that trail.  Closed.

This is all I know at this point.  Like I said…some of this information is what I’ve seen, some is what others have said and some is just common sense.

If you’re riding in the area, feel free to stop at the shop and let us know what you see out there.